5 minutes with Tim!

Our superstar Brand Ambassador Tim was excited to be our newest post on the Q&A blog! Here is our latest post where Tim tells us his highlights being part of Polite Nation! 

How did you first learn about Polite Social?
When I first moved to Melbourne my friend Nina was working for you guys and she told me I would love the work so I went for an interview and have been working 12568847_1555942724720355_528732834_never since.

Brand Ambassadors have many amazing qualities, what is your best quality as a Brand Ambassador?
I would say just being able to make any situation fun and making people laugh.

What aspect of your role as a Brand Ambassador do you enjoy the most?
Interacting with many different people in a shift and working a diverse range of jobs where nothing is the same.

What was the most impressive job you’ve ever had at Polite Social?
Working at the Australian Open for 2 weeks was the most exhausting but entertaining job I’ve had. Working with a rad team and having so much fun every day while you’re at work is the dream!

What inspires you to work for Polite?
The flexibility of the work and the wicked people you get to work with each shift. You will never be bored with this crew!