5 Minutes with Bee!

Today we caught up with Briony, one of our star Brand Ambassadors in Melbourne. Here is what she had to say!

gWhen you’re not on a promo gig, we’re most likely to find you? 

I am a professional musician by trade so when I’m not doing promo I’m usually doing a jazz or cabaret gig, running a music jam or teaching singing… that or I’ll be at a vintage clothing store!

Three words that describe you? 

Adventurous. Creative. Talkative.

Tell us a fun fact about you? 

I’m a thrill-seeker – I love heights and standing on the edge of things and peering down! Weird I know.

What is the coolest promotional gig you’ve worked on? 

It’s such a creative industry so there are so many! But I can’t go past Blackmores at the Australian Open.  We had tastings of Blackmore’s superfoods range with coconut yoghurt and muesli, free massages, free photos for people to enjoy, and misters to cool you down as you entered the space. I worked on the Polite in Public photo-booth with a great team including John Spencer, Sasha Leong, and Julia Perrott-Clarke. It was two weeks of fun and a very zen space to work in amongst the bustling environment of the Aus Open!

What do you think you’ve brought to Polite? 

I love meeting new people and I take pride in doing anything I do to the best of my ability so I try to bring these qualities to every shift.  I love that in promo it is always a new campaign, a new client, a new team of staff; variety is the spice of life and I thrive on it!

Before we let you go, most fun you can have with your clothes on!? 

Singing on-stage in front of a big audience! It is both terrifying and exhilarating! And hanging out with the Polite staff – they’re such a fun bunch there’s always some memorable shenanigans