5 minutes with Jorja!

Our superstar Brand Ambassador Jorja has an infectious smile, energy and tons of experience that brings life to any campaign! 🙂 Check out how she uses these incredible qualities at Polite and during any activation!

Describe Polite in three words?
Supportive, professional and loyal.

You joined Polite a few years ago, has Polite changed since then and if so how?
I believe the Polite Promotions family and my relationship with Polite has grown and keeps getting stronger! I honestly have nothing to fault about Polite, it’s the only company I would work for!

You’ve worked with a lot of different brand ambassadors, in your opinion what makes a superstar brand ambassador?
Someone who is outgoing, energetic, confident and passionate about promoting! Of coJorja -urse someone wearing a big smile too!

What do you find most challenging during an activation job?
The most challenging thing would be when some people get rude and greedy, trying to take more then one sample whilst sampling! As a professional promo, I think you need to stay in control, and remind people one per person to make it fair for everyone.

Coolest activation you’ve worked on with Polite?
I’ve worked on so many amazing campaigns for Polite it’s hard to pick one! I would say Chadstone VIP Autumn/Winter night. Getting pampered with hair and makeup to start off the day for a exciting winter theme. I worked with a very strong team of solid employees. We were able to dress up kids and adults! I personally love making other people smile and enjoy themselves.