5 minutes with Katie!

Want to learn more about how a typical day looks like from one of our amazing Brand Ambassador? Check our latest Q&A with Katie and read about her funny and exciting experiences!

What does your typical day look like as a Brand Ambassador for Polite?
A lot of fun! 🙂 Working in a dynamic, upbeat environment where I am constantly learning new things.
I get to meet loads of new and interesting people, I get to promote a brand and learn all about it at the same time and I get to work and connect with all the amazing Polite Brand Ambassadors!

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us!
First of all, I love Tomato Sauce! I literally have it on everything! 🙂
Also I swallowed and chocked on a crayon when I was 6 years old (random I know) I was so scared to take tablets because of this, so I had to have Hypnosis and.. Now I can take tablets! Haha.

What is your proKatieudest moment at Polite?
My proudest moment at Polite would have to be Team Leading a really crazy long weekend DFO Promotion. There was so much stock to constantly replace and the promotion was broken up all over the shopping centre. Getting through that weekend and coming out on the other end with positive feedback from the client was great!
Another would be working for APIA at the Tennis this year. The client was so happy with our performance that we were rewarded with Box Tickets to watch the Tennis!!
Oh and how could I forget.. My chicken washing on stage for Steggles at the Easter Show! 🙂

What advice do you have for prospective Brand Ambassadors?
The advice that I would give to Prospective Brand Ambassadors would be to step into the client’s shoes and think about what you would want and expect from the staff if you were running the promotion. I think to be a successful Brand Ambassador you need to be able to have fun and enjoy the Promotion, but you also need to know where to draw the line and still stay professional and hard working for the benefit of the client you’re working for.

What makes working in an Event and Promotions industry so exciting?
The constant change of scenery. There are always great people to work with, a new location, a new brand to promote and new strategies and techniques to learn along the way. I love working with the Polite Brand Ambassadors, we have all become like a little family, which is great and I’m so grateful for it as I have met so many amazing people along the way! 🙂