5 Minutes with Joinesy!

This weeks 5 minute chat is with our very own Chris Joines! Here’s his take on team Polite, hilarious moments and what makes him the coolest person in the office!

Tell us, how long have you been with Polite?
I have been a dedicated and loyal member of Polite Promotions since 2012, so 4 years now.

Funniest moment on site?
I laugh just thinking about it. I arrived a little early for a Sydney Swans shift, so grabbed a footy and went to see how far I could kick it. First kick and I managed to rip a big hole in the crutch of my black jeans, right in front of the client!

Coolest moment on site?
I would need 10 minutes to go through them all but the coolest shift was probably dressing up in the full Deadpool costume at Event Cinemas. Getting to mock people is always a bit of fun, especially when no one knows who you are!

You know all of the staff pretty well, has anyone really impressed you over the years?
Well I have to admit I am on the Nina Sinclair bandwagon, but I am also a big fan of Timmy ‘Sherminator’ Williams and Jay Pitman. That was tough for me to mention just a few names though, I love all of our staff.

What makes the Polite office a great place to work?
The Polite Vibe. Everyone is chilled, there’s no arguing and we all just get it. We are head down bum up (can I say bum?) when we need to be but can have a laugh and chat when the hard yards have been put in.

What’s one quality you think you bring to Polite?
Strong Relationships – I’d like to think I get along with 99% of the staff on our books and I hope this means I gain respect from them. I think if you can treat staff like friends, then in return they achieve great results.