5 Minutes with our office Intern Rose

One of our superstar in field promo staff has come to join the dark side -the office! (joking!) We decided to interview Rose so you can hear about what really goes on at Polite head office!

Staff_Photos_1_Rose (1)

Name three words that perfectly describe you?
Chatty, Clumsy and …Polite? (do I get extra points?)

We all know the Polite offices are a cool place, but what really goes on in there? Tell us about a day in the life of an intern?
Every day is always a little differernt but generally everyone will be working on their own thing, so you hear a whole lot of typing with Katy always blasting the tunes from the corner! There is certainly a lot more work that goes into staffing a campaign than I ever realised, so we are always on the phone or emailing clients to plan events, sorting out staff and following up on how campaigns are going. When that isn’t happening someone tends to be playing with the very cute office puppy!

You’ve been helping recruit new staff onto the Polite books, in your opinion what makes a superstar brand ambassador?
I think its really important to be confident and well spoken and always sure to make a great first impression as that will always determine how the public responds to an activation!

What is your all time favourite polite gig?
There has been a lot of fun ones but the KFC Skybox at the Cricket World Cup final was a pretty cool one- we got lifted up by a crane 40 meters in the air and served people food with the most amazing views of Sydney!

One unforgettable Polite moment?

My first ever shift with Polite was for Magners Cider at a Rugby game working with the one and only Christopher Joines. We were wearing very flattering cider bottle costumes when a massive storm came through and snapping a few legs of our tent which then blew right into the middle of the field. It took half the footy team to get it back to us in the pouring rain and I very nearly considered never doing another promo shift again- and yet here I am!

Before we let you go, craziest Polite staff member in HQ?

I can’t name just one!