Tim Tam Tour Bus

“Love More Than One” Bus Tour”

The Brief

The Execution

The Results

To celebrate the launch of Arnott’s new Tim Tam treat packs, the Tim Tam bus travelled around Australia for the month of February encouraging people to Love More Than One!

Polite Promotions staff were on hand at locations around Australia to hand out free Tim Tams to consumers who got involved in the free games provided on-site along with the Tim Tam Bus.

Polite staff were given a strict briefing to stay on key messaging, promoting the 8 new flavours that Tim Tams were offering in a new treat pack size.

Hundreds of thousands of Tim Tams were given away to consumers around Australia with a massive increase in awareness of the new Tim Tam flavours.

Polite Promotional staff received excellent feedback and praise for their effort.

‘Just wanted to let you know the staff yesterday were superb. We were blown away with their commitment, enthusiasm and ability to hit key messages throughout the day! We’re really looking forward to the next few events and seeing the quality of staff in Adelaide and Sydney.’