Creating Culture within a Team of Casual Staff

Work culture is a trending topic, but I haven’t read much about creating culture within a team of casual staff.

Creating culture within a traditional workplace takes plenty of consideration. A great culture can take years to achieve, it can also disappear overnight based on a bad hire, new working environment or a change in management policies.

If this sounds daunting, consider my position – 1600 casual staff,  working ad hoc days and  hours, reporting to a different client each shift, working ‘on site’, not in a consistent office environment and following a new job description each day… I think we’d be forgiven for not even trying.

In fact – the culture of our team is constantly at the forefront of our mind and has been since day one. Sounds corny, but our mission statement from concept has been to ‘treat our staff like family and clients like friends’. Some of the ways we create a culture that encourages a happy and productive workforce are:


Would I like to spend 8 hours working with this person?

  • Along with some more detailed on-boarding requirements, our recruitment strategy is simple. We consider our team when adding new staff , this basic consideration has gone a long way to building a close group of like-minded staff that work well together.

I’ve met you before!

  • It’s definitely not first in best dressed for us when it comes to staffing. Work as a brand ambassador for Polite Social and you are likely to work with similar faces on many more campaigns. Familiarity does not breed contempt in this instance – instead, a team of staff happy to be working together and happy to promote your brand!

Same client, different brand?

  • 80% of the brands our staff work for come through 20% of the same agency clients. Rebooking ambassadors with an agency time and time again provides that happy feeling, familiarity.

Keep me updated!

  • Employees often complain about not being informed or kept up to date within their workplace. We brief our staff thoroughly on agency, brand background and campaign objectives. We also relay detailed post event outcomes to our team so they can take away key learnings and a sense of achievement from the work they have provided.

Who’s behind that SMS / Email?

  • It’s easy for all of us to ‘hide’ behind SMS or email, I’m guilty of it on plenty occasions. With this in mind, our management team make big efforts to make as many direct calls to staff where possible. A conversation about that person’s day, how their study is going or how their holiday plans are coming along is all had before jumping into a work related discussion.

Thank you!

  • This is self explanatory.

The most rewarding part of my job is when I speak to one of our brand ambassadors and hear how much they enjoy working on our team, the type of work we provide, how organised we are and that they respect the quality of our management. Our team has recently started using #politenation when posting on social media – sums up our culture nicely.


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