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The Promotional Industry is one of those industries that is really as hard as you want to make it. If you are passionate, reliable and engaging, then more often than not you are going to nail it, having fun whilst working at the same time!

Some people use promo as a side job, filling in the gaps to make a few extra dollars. For others, they enjoy the constant new experiences and people they encounter every single day so use it as their main income. Regardless of what working in events and promo is to you, applicants must always be professional, presentable and approachable.


Research the Company

Knowing a little background information on the company is a good way to come across prepared and shows you are serious about the position at hand. This research will also allow you to ask informative questions throughout the interview.


Know your Interviewer

Learn who will be interviewing you, their name and their position within the business. It is important to know if it is a single interviewer or a panel. Being able to introduce yourself knowing the interviewers name shows professionalism and a great first impression.


Interview Confirmation

It is important to always check in with the company conducting the interview confirming date, time, address and contact details.


Relevant Documents

Bring any and all relevant documentation you might require.  This includes your CV, RSA, Food Handling Certificate, banking and superannuation details.


Early Bird

The majority of staffing agencies require staff to arrive 15 minutes early to shifts, ready to start work. Clients strongly dislike when staff arrive late to start work and the same principle applies for your initial interview. Arriving early and prepared for your interview shows the interviewer that you are reliable and have good  time management skills- a major tick in the box for you getting that one step closer to employment!


It’s Not Coffee Time

You wouldn’t arrive to a shift with food or a drink in your hand and the same applies for an interview. There is nothing worse for an interviewer who doesn’t have your full attention for a couple of seconds every minute or two, as this could  lead to you missing vital bits of information or result in the interviewer having to repeat his/her question.


Personal Presentation

Presentation is key to a positive first impression with your interviewer. You have to arrive ‘dressed to impress’. Research the dress standards for the particular organisation, and if ever in doubt, always dress up a little more than required.


Tone of Voice

Promotional staff are employed to be the face of a branded activation. Whether it be to hand out flyers or to provide key messaging, communication is a major element of being a successful staff member. If you have a positive and clear tone of voice, you are more likely to be successful in the promotional industry.


Actively Engaging

Take initiative and be actively engaged during your interview. The promotional industry is based around customer service and communication so all questions will be asked with the intent for a positive and informative response. Make sure you are listening to the questions properly and answer with direct focus to the question. If you feel you may be a little inexperienced in relating to a particular question that has been asked, use outside experiences that may have a relevant skill set to the question being asked. It is important to have eye contact with your interviewer which allows them to feel that they can openly engage with you.


Ask Away

To really impress your interviewer, it is always a great idea to ask relevant questions. This can be done throughout the interview and also at the conclusion. This shows that you have been actively listening in the interview and shows that you are genuinely enthusiastic about the position. Make your questions informative and professional. Try to avoid rambling on with unrelated topics or questions that don’t make sense. Put some thought into your questions finally, always follow up with an email within 24 hours to ask any other questions that come to mind after your interview and to show that you are excited at the prospect of your new position!


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