Referral Fee or Management Fee?

Staffing agencies have a simple pricing model, they provide a staff rate + agency management fee. The management fee is how an agency makes a profit and should be where they provide most value. A question for all clients using a staffing agency – is your agency providing a management service or simply a referral offering?

If your agency is filling shifts and passing on contact details without putting in the extra effort, ensuring that your team of staff are working at peak performance, then you are only receiving a referral service.

A management service involves a whole lot more than just selecting a team. It requires experience, the ability to preempt potential issues, a strong existing relationship with staff and  excellent communication with both client and staff.  Ultimately it needs an account management team thinking about your campaign every second of the day, just as you are.

Managing promotional staff across an experiential campaign is a skill. There are many moving elements that need constant attention.

Managing staff expectations, briefing the team and providing required certification are just some of the elements required prior to the commencement of a campaign.

The first morning of any activation requires a lot of management from an agency and their team leader working on-site. Staff arriving at the exact location, informing your client that their entire team has arrived, distributing staff uniforms, completing safety inductions and accreditation all need to be managed so your client can focus on other elements of the activity.

Reporting and staff feedback isn’t just something that is sent at the end of a campaign. Consistent insight needs to be relayed from staff to agency and on to client everyday. There’s no point providing key learnings and suggestions for improvement once a campaign is over.

Managing the relationship between staff and client is a big one. Check in with a phone call to your client to see how staff are going? Keep in touch with your team leader and team of staff to ask about the team dynamic? A good agency will do this.

How does your agency manage staff issues and cancellations? Do they simply let you know when a staff member can’t make a shift with no explanation, or do they provide details? Do they have the communication tools and hustle to get a replacement to you ASAP or do you go with a shift unfilled? Our agency will screen every reason a staff member has to cancel a shift and more often than not find a way to overcome the issue. This can be booking an Uber ride if a brand ambassador has issues with transport, asking staff to work just until we’ve found a replacement if they are unwell or sending our team leader shopping for the right uniform.

These are just some of the ways Polite Social manage a situation to provide the best outcome for a client.

At Polite Social we believe that the success of any campaign from a staffing perspective relies as much on the management from our agency as it does on the team of staff we provide – and we think our staff are great!