Sydney Children’s Hospital Fundraising Events!

This year we kicked off our partnership with Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation with a bang at the annual Silver Party hosted at Baz Luhrmann’s grand estate! The night was circus themed and had everything from camel’s to acrobatic dancers!

The event was impressive with an impressive guest list too! Peter Overton MC’d and later in the night the highly anticipated live auction took place! With a team of 27 staff, we raised  just under $900,000  on the night which beats last years record!

However that’s not all for 2016, we’re just getting started! Polite Promotions are also staffing for upcoming Gold lunch events and a Gold disco!  All funds raised go to the Sydney Children’s Hospital helping young kids on their way to a brighter future!

If you’d like to get involved in working our Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation events, be sure to apply on staff connect!

Silver Party